No Interest Loans

The Centre has been providing NIL’s loans to the Mornington, Mt. Martha, Mt. Eliza and Moorooduc community since 1995.  The program is accredited through Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services who established the scheme in the late 1970’s.

The NILS scheme offers an alternative for clients who have difficulty gaining access to small amounts of credit.  This scheme helps with loans for essential goods, including white goods, education costs,computers, car repairs, car registration and health related items.

There have been many members of our community who have, over years, had multiple loans. Once one is paid off, they can then apply for another.  With affordable repayments and no interest rates this is one of the friendliest loan systems on the planet.  We are extremely proud of our involvement in this program which has been responsible for many of our clients purchasing new essential items that would otherwise not be available to them.  Most importantly this gives low-income earners an opportunity to purchase much needed white goods such as fridges and washing machines which we know are vital to any household.

The National Australia Bank supports this program through Good Shepherd  Micro finance. In 2017 MCISC has partnered with the Cockatoo and Hills NILS program to provide a more efficient service to our clients.

To make an appointment or get more information, call reception on (03) 5975 1644 or simply fill in the following form to start the NILS application procedure.

NILS Enquiry Checklist

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Do you hold a current Health Care Card, receive or Centrelink payment or have a low income?
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Have you lived at the same address for at least 6 months or can otherwise show a continuing long-term connection to the area?
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Are you willing and able to repay a loan? (This is shown by how you are managing your current finances, including any existing arrears, and whether you are able to repay a loan without incurring hardship.)
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Do you have any outstanding NILS loans? (Only one NILS loan is available at a time, but applications may be accepted if the original loan will be repaid by the time a new one is considered.)
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How much do you want to borrow?

What do you want to buy? (Loans are not available for bonds, rent, living expenses, utility bills, cash advances, travel and moving expenses, debt repayment or consolidation, or private sales.)

Are the goods new and being sold by a registered business? (Cheques will not be made out to “cash” or in the name of the borrower, family, friends or a third party who is not a registered business.)
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For statistical purposes, we are required to keep information gathered at the enquiry stage on a secure database for 12 months. Do you agree to this data being kept?
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