Crisis Fund

The Crisis Fund is available due to the generosity of the R.E. Ross Trust.

The R.E. Trust’s Emergency Relief and Material Aid Program was established to assist charitable organisations meeting the immediate and basic needs of those most disadvantaged and vulnerable in Victoria.

We are very proud of the varied ways we are able to distribute this money each year. From car repairs to education costs, we are able to alleviate so much stress for families and individuals who just don’t have enough to make ends meet. Payments were made this year for school fees, school books, school shoes, short courses, counselling, rent in advance, moving costs,  new tyres, school camp, etc.

Every client seeking Emergency Aid is interviewed by a trained volunteer who assesses the problem and takes the appropriate action.  If it is decided to recommend assistance from the Crisis Fund an appointment is made with the Case Manager who will interview the client as soon as possible. After a detailed interview all relevant documentation is inspected, a budget prepared, and a written report is presented to at least two members of the Committee of Management Assessment Panel and a decision is made.